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How Pendle Works

To understand how Pendle works on the contract level, you can:

  • Start with Pendle's High Level Architecture for an overview of the components in Pendle protocol.
  • Refer to the developer docs on vePENDLE to understand the components and cross-chain mechanisms of vePENDLE.
  • Refer to the docs about PendleRouter and PendleRouterStatic to understand how to perform actions on the protocol on the contract level.
  • Refer to the repository for Pendle V2 contracts: GitHub link

To understand the deeper mechanics and formulas involved in the Pendle protocol, you can refer to the 4 whitepapers at this link:

  • SY: explains EIP-5115 Standardized Yield, a token standard to generalize yield generating mechanisms;
  • SYS: explains how Pendle split any Standardized Yield token into Principal Tokens and Yield Tokens;
  • V2_AMM: explains how the AMM works in Pendle V2;
  • vePENDLE: explains how vePENDLE works;

How to Integrate Pendle

For on-chain contract systems building on top of Pendle:

For off-chain systems building on top of Pendle:

  • To interact with Pendle contracts or to read on-chain information (for a frontend or a bot/script), you can use the Pendle SDK. See the docs on how you can get started with the SDK.
  • To read details about Pendle systems from our backend (for example, to display or monitor details of certain Pendle markets), you can use our REST API. See the relevant docs here.

For mobile wallets who want to feature Pendle Earn in your app:

  • Pendle Earn is already optimized for mobile usage
  • You just need to add a link or shortcut for users to navigate to the Pendle Earn app at
  • If your wallet is not supported on Pendle yet, please reach out to us by creating a ticket at the #collab-ticket channel in our Discord at

Deployed contract addresses:

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