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Please note that this RouterStatic should not be used for fund-sensitive/on-chain transactions. If you or your team needs to use any functions on-chain, please let us know.

This docs assume you have read Pendle's High Level Architecture.

The RouterStatic addresses across the different chains can be found under Deployments on the navigation sidebar on the left.

RouterStatic is a contract designed for off-chain computations. It's a multi-facet proxy (ERC2535), so the easiest way to use it is by using the ABI of contracts/interfaces/IPRouterStatic.sol. The Router will resolve the call accordingly when any function is called.

Most functions are straightforward to use. Below, we discuss some less straightforward functions:

function getLpToSyRate(address market) external view returns (uint256);

function getPtToSyRate(address market) external view returns (uint256);

function getLpToAssetRate(address market) external view returns (uint256);

function getPtToAssetRate(address market) external view returns (uint256);
  • getLpToSyRate: Retrieves the spot price of LP in terms of its corresponding SY.
  • getLpToAssetRate: Serves the same purpose, but in terms of SY's asset.

Let's consider the following example:

RouterStatic Example

The total value of LP is 4.90M USD, and the total supply of LP is 1,373.11.

⇒ The price of one LP is 3568 USD.

By calling getLpToSyRate, we receive 1817546249542325054, which is 1.817 SY-wstETH == 1.817 wstETH. At this time, the price of one token is 1,966 USD, so one LP is roughly 3572 USD.

By calling getLpToAssetRate, we receive 2049787610667181659, which is 2.049 stETH == one LP is roughly 3567 USD.