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Trading YT and OT is the bread and butter of Pendle's function.

Swapping YT

YT pools are native to Pendle and can be found on the Trade page under the Swap tab.

Swapping YT

  1. Select the YT pool and its corresponding expiry
  2. Choose which direction to swap to by clicking the double directional arrows
  3. Enter the amount you wish to swap
  4. Swap!

Making large trades can cause the price to change drastically, resulting in swaps with unfavorable pricing. This is known as price slippage. You can control the slippage tolerance, i.e. how much price change you are willing to accept, by clicking the and choosing your preferred tolerance percentage.

Slippage Tolerance

Swapping OT

OT pools are found in major DEXes on the respective blockchains, which are SushiSwap for Ethereum and TraderJoe on Avalanche. You can swap for OT just like any other assets on these DEXes. Remember to watch out for slippage!

To access these pools you can either

  • Go to the Market page and navigate to the OT you wish to trade. Click the on the right to open a dropdown menu, and click Swap.

Swapping OT

  • Alternatively, paste the OT contract address directly into SushiSwap or TraderJoe. Our contract addresses can be found here for Avalanche and here for Ethereum.
Security Alert!

Always copy token addresses directly from our docs. Do not trust third party sources.

Searching OT-wMEMO address on TraderJoe
Searching OT-cDAI address on SushiSwap