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Zap is currently available only on Avalanche.

If you hold MEMO and want to LP in Pendle to earn additional yield, you would need to

  1. Wrap your MEMO
  2. Deposit your wMEMO to mint YT and OT
  3. Provide YT liquidity
  4. Stake YT LP token
  5. Provide OT liquidity
  6. Stake OT LP token
  7. Whew, that's a lot of work.

What if there was an easier way? Just Zap! Zap is your one-stop shop for liquidity provision. Simply enter your tokens and click Zap - your tokens will be turned into staked liquidity with just one click!

You can choose to Zap with dual tokens or single token.

With dual token LP, you will provide tokens from the token pair in the appropriate ratio, such as MEMO and MIM for the YT-wMEMO / MIM pool.

Zap dual token
Dual token

With single token LP, you can provide any asset, which will then be routed through TraderJoe to be swapped to the appropriate assets, and sent into the liquidity pools.

Zap single token
Single token

You can also choose which tokens to be staked, say if you want to sell YT but use OT to provide liquidity, or vice versa.


Note that the APR displayed in Zap is calculated with your initial investment, i.e. the value of your underlying assets, so the yields will naturally be lower than what is displayed on the Stake page.