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Supported Assets


ProtocolAssetYT / OT Represents
TraderJoePENDLE/AVAX LP1 PENDLE / AVAX LP from TraderJoe
WonderlandwMEMO1 MEMO worth of wMEMO
BenQiqiUSDC1 USDC deposited in BenQi
BenQiqiAVAX1 AVAX deposited in BenQi


ProtocolAssetYT / OT Represents
SushiPENDLE/ETH LP1 PENDLE / ETH LP from SushiSwap
SushiETH/USDC LP1 ETH / USDC LP from SushiSwap
AaveaUSDC1 USDC deposited in Aave
CompoundcDAI0.0214751 DAI deposited in Compound
[Redacted]wxBTRFLY1 BTRFLY deposited in [Redacted] Cartel