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At the peak of its hype-train, Wonderland's yield on MEMO hovered between 70,000-90,000%, but this guy managed to get 240,000% APY. How?!

Wonderland Strategy

The answer is Pendle.

By separating the yield from the asset, Pendle enables users to trade yield, unlocking a wide variety of strategies that asset holders can choose from.

Besides copping high yields, you can also get massive discounts on assets, as well as earn additional yield on top of already insane APYs.

Yield trading might be daunting at first, as it is a derivative concept after all. However when you boil it down, the learning curve turns out to not be as steep as it might originally seem.

This section of the docs will cover a few simple concepts that will be help to understanding yield trading on Pendle, along with tutorials and explanations to bootstrap your Pendle journey.