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Provide liquidity for Pendle pools and receive swap fees as yield. Different pools have different APYs due to trading volume and PENDLE incentives (determined via governance and voting).

Liquidity providers receive returns from multiple avenues:

  • Fixed rate from PT
  • Protocol rewards from underlying token
  • Swap fees
  • PENDLE incentives


  1. Go to the Pools page

Provide liquidity

  1. Select your desired asset

  2. Choose the maturity date of the asset

Choose pool

  1. Enter the amount of liquidity you wish to provide

Enter amount

  1. (Advanced) Control your slippage tolerance by clicking the Gear icon in the top right

  2. (Advanced) Stake vePENDLE to boost your APY

  3. Check the details of your LP

Liquidity provision APY

Liquidity provision APY

  1. Approve the transaction and Deposit!