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Developer FAQ

How to read unclaimed Rewards and Interest for SY/YT/Market

On-Chain Method:

To read for SY, please execute an eth_call (callStatic in ethersjs) to the following function of SY:

function claimRewards(address user) external returns (uint256[] memory rewardAmounts);

For YT, execute the following function:

function redeemDueInterestAndRewards(
address user,
bool redeemInterest,
bool redeemRewards
) external returns (uint256 interestOut, uint256[] memory rewardsOut);

For Market, execute the following function:

function redeemRewards(address user) external returns (uint256[] memory);

These calls can be batched through Multicall if necessary.

How to calculate various parameters using on-chain methods

Pendle's RouterStatic, which includes a variety of useful functions for supporting parameter calculations. You can read more on it here.